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In Their Words

Read why Henry Community Health was the Right Choice for These Nurses

Amber Raines, RN

Ivy Technical Community College 2020
HCH Emergency Department

Anthony Moore, RN

Ivy Tech Community College 2020
HCH Surgical Unit

Tori Matthews

Ivy Tech Community College 2019
HCH Progressive Care Unit

Amber Raines, RN

Ivy Technical Community College 2020
HCH Emergency Department

Even though Amber Raines only earned her nursing degree in 2020, she was a familiar face to many in Henry Community Health’s Emergency Department. 

“I started working in the ED in 2016 as a clerk/technician,” Raines said. “Now as an RN, I like the variety of patients that I get to take care of.”

Wanting a career that was “challenging and rewarding” led the Knightstown native to nursing. While she was hoping to continue her professional career at HCH, her clinical rotation confirmed for her that she was in the right place.

“HCH feels like home to me. The staff is wonderful and always willing to help whenever you need it,” Raines said. “My co-workers challenge me and are always helping me when I encounter something new. Being a new nurse is hard, but knowing your co-workers are there to help teach and encourage you makes it easier every day. 

“My supervisor is wonderful. She is always checking in with me to see what I need or if I am struggling with anything,” she added. “She supports me and encourages me to push myself to become the nurse she knows I can be.”

Raines is looking forward to exploring the “many opportunities for advancement” within the HCH network. 

Anthony Moore, RN

Ivy Technical Community College 2020
HCH Surgical Department

Anthony Moore doesn’t come from a long line of nurses. But the myriad opportunities offered by the profession were too good to pass up.

“Nursing was a profession that was pretty much nonexistent in my family. I wanted to do something different from what the rest of my family was doing,” Moore said. “I was able to shadow a couple of nurses when I was in high school and I liked the fact that there are many different opportunities for nursing. There isn’t just one specific thing you have to stick to and there is room for growth in this profession.”

As a student at Ivy Tech, Moore did his clinicals at HCH, making the healthcare system a natural fit for when he graduated.

“I had a sense of what the flow of the hospital and its policies were like,” Moore said. “But when I compared the clinicals here to other hospitals, there was a major difference. The staff here seemed more caring and bonded like family. There was never a negative moment in my clinicals because everyone was willing to always help. The doctors here are very polite and treat everyone like they are family. Everyone knows each other in the hospital so you will not be labeled as ‘just another employee’. Out of all the places I did clinicals, Henry Community Health was my favorite.”

Recognizing he’s in the minority as a male nurse, Moore is quick to point out he’s never felt that way at HCH.

“My supervisor and many others throughout the hospital are supportive of all employees, not just the ones on their floor. They are always willing to ‘take one for the team’ and give a helping hand.”

Tori Matthews, RN

Ivy Technical Community College 2019
HCH Emergency Department

For New Castle native Tori Matthews it was never a question of what or where.

“Growing up, all I wanted was to be a nurse,” said Matthews. “No other occupation was even a thought for me.”

With an eye toward giving back to the community she grew up in, Matthews applied to Henry Community Health after graduating from Ivy Tech Community College’s Muncie campus. She was hired in January 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“As a new nurse starting my career during a pandemic, I can honestly say my colleagues have been my biggest supporters,” Matthews said. “At HCH, I feel like everyone wants everyone to succeed.”

Praising the hospital’s team-like spirit, Matthews said, “As a nurse, I wouldn’t be able to do my job without our amazing doctors, imaging department, lab and people in many other areas. I feel valued as a nurse. 

“My supervisors have been nothing short of excellent and we’re fortunate to have them,” Matthews added. “Being a small hospital gives us the advantage of being able to form good relationships with them. They usually are around the corner or a call away.”